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Frequently Asked Questions

What is SOS Supplies?

SOS Supplies is a voluntary initiative, matching organizations in urgent need of PPE with verified UK suppliers. Our service is a daily email update with current stock availability, prices and supplier details. Orders are placed directly with our UK suppliers. You can register for these updates here.


Does SOS Supplies charge money for this service? 

No. This is a free service.


Who are you? 

We’re a group of volunteers: SOS supplies was founded by Manoj Varsani, chairman of Harrow Carers. He’s also CEO of a fintech company called Hammock and managed to recruit his entire staff as volunteers…and the team has kept growing ever since.


Which items of PPE are your distributors able to supply?

SOS supplies matches organisations with UK distributors of PPE. They are able to supply: masks, gowns, face shields, gloves, aprons, hand sanitiser and more. Feel free to contact us if there are other PPE items you’re in urgent need of.


What quantity of PPE are you able to supply?

UK stock levels vary on a daily basis. Currently, organisations who register with us have access to over 300,000 PPE items a week through our suppliers. We also have suppliers who can cater for bulk imports upon request. 

We work with large organisations such as NHS and care charities, as well as smaller charities such as food banks and hospices. When you register with us, you will receive a daily email update of available stock, together with prices and supplier details.


Are the PPE items you list currently in stock?

The PPE items we list on our daily email update are in stock.


What are your delivery times? 

Most of our suppliers offer 1-3 day delivery with some even offering same-day dispatch. However, we encourage you to check this when you place your order directly with them.


Do you verify your PPE suppliers? 

Our suppliers can provide certificates for PPE products. We’ve done as much due diligence as possible on the quality and specification of all PPE available but it’s your responsibility to further qualify the PPE prior to placing your order with a supplier.


Are your prices competitive?

We are aware of profiteering in the current PPE market. We therefore only work with competitive, fair-price suppliers. Having said that, their prices may differ to those in the NHS supply chain.


Do you also donate PPE?

Yes, we fundraise on behalf of charities in need of PPE. We raised £5,000 in our first fundraiser. We’re currently running another round to raise £15,000. For details and donations: Over 50,000 pieces of PPE donated so far