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Our founding story...

Manoj Varsani,
Founder of

I came up with the concept SOS supplies in response to the coronavirus outbreak in order to support charities, NHS and organisations that are in need of urgent PPE supplies and are struggling to source them. We are trying to provide a stop-gap solution for PPE. 

Our aim is to make it easier for these organisations to get the supplies they need and continue to support the vulnerable and those most in need.

SOS supplies is supported by Hammock Financial Services Ltd ( on a pro bono basis. SOS supplies is not a company, it’s a community website helping those in need. SOS now has 15+ volunteers who have all helped take further. 

How we started

My name is Manoj Varsani, I am founder and CEO of the Fintech company Hammock ( and I volunteer as chairman of the charity Harrow Carers. The CEO at Harrow Carers, Charmian Boyd, informed me on Thursday 19th March that our supplies of surgical masks and hygiene gels were running out. Charmian tried contacting the local council, MP’s, the NHS, other charities and local suppliers in Harrow and at first, it wasn’t possible to find any existing stock nor to source any new supplies. Luckily on this occasion, we managed to source the PPE we needed, but it took many phone calls and more importantly, a significant amount of time.

I found several distributors who had stock in limited numbers and quickly realised how this issue must have been affecting many organisations across the UK.

Like Harrow Carers, many other charities and private companies who help vulnerable people, including the elderly, young adults and children are unable to provide their services without surgical masks and disposable aprons. I decided I wanted to help them.

I wanted to act fast and I wanted to do high quality work. I got my company, Hammock (, involved. Hammock is a Fintech company that provides current accounts and financial services to landlords and tenants.

As soon as I introduced them to my idea, the whole Team Hammock embraced it enthusiastically and SOS-supplies was created over a weekend. Within a few hours, was live and we started helping source PPE for those who most need it.

The following week we recruited volunteers and they’re all doing a tremendous job of finding suppliers and expanding our network of organisations in need of PPE stock.  Meet some of the team below. 

Our Volunteers

Manoj Varsani

Founder & Director

Why did you join SOS Supplies?
I created SOS Supplies after I experienced the disruption caused by the PPE shortage first hand through Harrow Carers, a charity I am Chairman of. I decided I wanted to help other organisations facing the same challenges whilst working to protect the most vulnerable. The full story is published here.

What do you do outside of SOS Supplies?
I am Founder and CEO of Hammock.

Marco Ferrari

Marketing & Fundraising

Why did you join SOS Supplies?
All the workers on the front line are saving lives and providing key services for all of us, I want to know that they can do their jobs protected to the highest level PPE can provide.

What do you do outside of SOS Supplies?
I am Head of Product and Marketing at Hammock.

Olivia Martyn

Suppliers Management, Fundraising & PR/Marketing

Why did you join SOS Supplies?
Through my skills and network as a start-up coach and entrepreneur, I felt I could truly make an impact that could help thousands of front-line workers across the country get the equipment they need to protect themselves and others.

What do you do outside of SOS Supplies?
I’m the Brand Marketing Lead at founders factory. I’m also working on a project to support local brick and mortar businesses in London ( and trying to keep up my passion for yoga that developed during my time in India earlier this year.

Samiksha Gosain

Suppliers Management

Why did you join SOS Supplies?
I joined SOS Supplies as my family are frontline doctors and care home staff, when I realised the danger for them and all of their NHS and key worker colleagues, I was first crippled with fear and then driven to action. I started my own campaign to source PPE for the NHS and then was introduced to the SOS Supplies team, together we have done great work but the problem is endless and we will continue to strive to supply PPE to as many as we can reach.

What do you do outside of SOS Supplies?
I have a background in legal investment management and business development, I currently work for Freshfields. This skill set meant it was sensical to create a suppliers network. We’ve had an amazing response and are now working through the list to source quality PPE and reasonably priced suppliers.

James Kilpatrick

Marketing & Fundraising

Why did you join SOS Supplies?
I joined SOS because it’s very easy to feel like the whole COVID-19 situation is out of our control. Being involved in a grassroots organisation that is doing such important work is a great way to take back some control and feel positive in difficult times.

What do you do outside of SOS Supplies?
I am Head of Growth at Hammock.

Lara Rogers

Suppliers Management

Why did you join SOS Supplies?
Working in leadership and business consultant roles within the health sector, I’ve always been impressed by the dedication of our frontline workers. I joined SOS Supplies to help protect them whilst they in turn care for the sick and vulnerable in our society.

What do you do outside of SOS Supplies?
During the lockdown I’m officially an ‘almost cool’ parent to two (far more cool) children. A yoga and meditation enthusiast who is also very determined to progress from etre and avoir in my endeavours to learn French!

Alicia Gomez


Why did you join SOS Supplies?
I joined SOS supplies to be able to help people even if we can’t leave the house. It is awesome to be around great people and feeling that you are helping those in need to protect against COVID-19.

What do you do outside of SOS Supplies?
I am Product Designer at Hammock.

Amy Racs

Comms & Outreach

Why did you join SOS Supplies?

I joined SOS Supplies because everyone deserves to be safe at work. Why frontline workers should be an exception to this principle is beyond me, given the sacrifices they make.

What do you do outside of SOS Supplies?
I enjoy a curious blend of audio production and gardening work.

Our Partners

Hammock provides pro bono support for Manoj is Founder and CEO at Hammock ( All the employees at Hammock have helped launch SOS Supplies and keep contributing together with the other volunteers. There is no business link between Hammock and SOS Supplies, and SOS Supplies is a non-profit initiative.
Harrow Carers are our partners in a fundraising campaign aimed at buying urgent PPE supplies and distributing them to some of the ever growing number of charities and organisations who work with us (we call them SOS Heroes).
Grosvenor Services has very generously been supporting SOS supplies by donating Aprons and Face Masks. Grosvenor Services are the leading utilities field services agency in the UK.
Element Communications are our partners in media outreach. Element Communications’ team provides pro bono media and influencer relations, social media management and content creation to spread the word about SOS Supplies