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After a first successful £5k campaign on Gofundme, we’re now raising more funds to donate PPE to the charities and organisations that most need it. You can contribute by clicking on our campaign below: your contribution will be used to source protective equipment for those on the frontline against COVID-19.

For this fundraiser, we have partnered up with Harrow Carers (a registered chairty) who will help manage the fundraising and distribution of PPE.


Our Feedback

Our SOS Heros

SOS Supplies would like to thank the following people who have donated to provide supplies for those in need.

  • Hibi Racs
  • Geoff Owen
  • Colin Ekers
  • Tom Roberts
  • Shariq Manji
  • Leeat Bosco
  • Navneet Mangat
  • Priya Sood
  • Miss Sood 
  • Samiksha Gosain 
  • Sophie Underwood 
  • Alice Irvine
  • Tracey Taylor
  • Lucy Horsbrugh
  • Mark Underwood
  • Thomas Roberts
  • Steve Hurworth
  • Hannah Cartmel
  • Caroline Salem
  • Chris Gedge
  • Thomas Woodley
  • Rebecca Whitaker
  • Cynthia Nadal
  • Capital One
  • Kenneth MacArthur
  • Jessica O’Neill
  • James Holmes
  • Gill Williams
  • Adam Begg
  • Marie McDonald
  • Liz Skelton
  • Thomas Williams
  • Melanie Odell 
  • Julie Williams
  • Isabella Boarer
  • Thomas Martin
  • Alastair Islip
  • Steve Hurworth
  • Tom Robertd 
  • Will Cookson
  • Dan Churchouse
  • James Kilpatrick
  • Property Investment Hub
  • Jon Hilton
  • Liz Mcfall
  • Alexis Pacot
  • Helen Thompson
  • Rashne Limki
  • Jamie Lynch
  • Stella Pope